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Meteos: "Zig's a really really nice dude. He is an extremely easy player to play with."

blitzesports&178 Time:6/19/2017 11:00:00 AM +00:00

Arrow was giving us a little bit of like a show before we played today.

We were testing our mics and he started to do some, what is it, archipelago? Nah that's like an island or some shit. I don't know. 

Q: How accurate would you say the C9 Meteos' Ego Twitter account is?

So when that account first came out, like this is back like at the start of the LCS, I was kind of offended by I was like, 'How dare someone say I have a big ego I don't have an ego.' But that's kind of an egotistical thing to think. So I remember when I first saw it, it didn't have that many followers. I blocked him I was like nah dude like nobody makes fun of me and gets away with it that kind of thing. But then I kind of realized I was taking myself too seriously. Like lots of other people thought it was funny and I was able to take a step back and look, and I was like if this was about another player I wouldn't care. I think it was funny. So I now I think it's hilarious. And it did kind of open my eyes maybe I was being egotistical and didn't realize it. So perhaps it was a good thing.

What about C9 Meteos' Eggo?

I am getting dildoed on by my phone. Hang on.

Q: How have you been helping Phoenix 1 rally after their losses?

So after the team lost on Friday it seemed like everyone was just really down. And I know exactly how that feels because I've lost lots of LCS games in my career. And like I was saying I wasn't always the most mature person about it. I would take losses really hard. I would get upset at my teammates. I would want to like pull away from everyone. I wouldn't want to go outside and talk to fans and stuff like that because I was feeling so upset. So I kind of understood where they were coming from they seemed really down.

Morale was low. So I just tried to think like if I was in their position, what could someone say to me that would like make me feel better. So I just tried to do that. I think everyone on the team is just -- really just nice people. So it hurts to see them so sad because you know they're all good. It's just sometimes LCS doesn't go that well. And that's just part of it. It's still the beginning of the season the meta's changed a lot. And so I think once things settle down they'll be doing fine.

Q: What could someone say to you that would make you feel better after a loss?

Well something that I only pretty much learned about this year that's really helped me with like my growth as a player, is I think in League culture it's super binary, like you win or you lose. The winning team did everything right. The losing team did everything wrong. That's that's how people look at it.

But in reality that's not the case. I think it's better to look at individuals just go through the game and think about every decision you made. Like was this the right call here even if you're losing games. You still do a lot of stuff right in those losing games. And when you win you still make a lot of mistakes. So I think no matter what win or loss you can just look at it on an individual level and just try to continually improve individually. And when the whole team can do that and then still come together as a team despite a lot of losses then that's like where the improvement really happens.

Q: I hear you're getting along well with Zig. Has he roped you into his gym lifestyle yet?

How do you know this stuff?

I do my job.

He's not roped me into the gym lifestyle. That's one of those things where a lot of times I'll have some like motivation to go to the gym and then I try it one day and I feel like pretty good the next day. I'm sore like, this feels good you know. I'm getting stronger. The next day I'm like oh I'm still sore it's getting worse. Next day I can't bend my elbows and I'm like fuck the gym, not going again. So I don't know if I'm super cut out for it but maybe one day.

But you and Zig still get along regardless?

Yeah. Zig's a really really nice dude. I think he is.. He is an extremely easy player to play with. He is very self-critical but also something that I think a lot of players don't do is like self-compassion you know just accepting that no one is perfect you're going to make mistakes and you grow from it. I never really hear Zig making excuses. He's always trying his hardest and he's a positive dude. So yeah he's really easy to get along with.

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