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Dopa: "During the climb to rank one, the mid laner that I hated meeting the most was faker."

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A redditor named yoonitrop12 translated Dopa's thoughts about hitting rank1 from his stream in Reddit. 

During the climb to rank one, the mid laner that I hated meeting the most was faker. This wasn’t true in past climbs. I’m talking about my recent climb to rank 1. There’s something that a lot of people don’t realize, but wanting to avoid facing someone isn’t just a matter of that person’s skill. The important thing is the difference between actual skill and ranking. Faker currently has a low ranking, but he’s far more skilled than his lp would indicate. I wouldn’t be able to pressure Faker in the mid lane, and my other team members would always be worse than his because my ranking was a lot higher. Because of that, I ended up losing the games. When faker had a high ranking, it didn’t matter if I met him in solo queue because my team would be just as good as his. There were even times when my team played better. On the same note, I didn’t mind facing off against Rookie (pro mid player) because he always had a high ranking while I was climbing. 

Other people that I hated facing off against were those who had really low lp (around 300~400 in master tier) but played champions that wouldn’t lose the laning phase. It’s difficult to win against people who play champions like Syndra, Taliyah, and Orianna. Yeah, I’d usually farm more cs than the enemy laner. But those champions are impossible to crush. I had around 1100lp towards the end of the climb. If the enemy mid had 400lp, then my other team members would all have about 150~200 less lp than their opposing laners. I would usually have a slight lead mid lane, but my other lanes would all lose. And my teammates, for some reason, always seemed to move around in strange ways after the laning phase was over, unlike the enemy team. 

Personally, I don’t think that the current meta is an ADC meta. It’s just that Caitlyn is overpowered enough to carry the game by herself. The ADCs that I hate facing the most are twitch and Caitlyn. Twitch is... ha... (Moves on to a different subject mid-sentence) 

It took me longer than usual to reach first place this time. I was lucky, as my schedule was free. It takes me an average of 3 weeks to reach first on a single server, but it took me a whole month this time around. I wouldn’t have been able to reach first if I hadn’t had plenty of time. My schedule tends to be full, but it was empty enough for me to get to rank 1. 

I kept on banning Twitch because I dislike the champion. Caitlyn is OP against the champions that I use. Most of the champions that I play (Kassadin, TF, Orianna) use zhonya’s hourglass, but Caitlyn is the counter to all champions who use that item. She would just place a trap under me while I was frozen. Caitlyn’s trap autos were just too powerful. I only realized recently why those autos were so strong, while looking at the patch notes. But I don’t think it’s an ADC meta.
(briefly talks about the title of his stream) 

Some people think that the current meta is an ADC meta because ADCs have gotten more powerful. I think that this has more to do with the fact that all 5 people now have a chance to carry the game. Supports can carry too, as they now earn more gold. More importantly, junglers’ impact on the game has been reduced. I personally hated the meta when Elise, Nidalee, and Kindred were stronger than laners. I hope that a meta where junglers can solo kill mid laners never recurs. I think that the current meta is a good meta for mid laners to carry the game. 

It took me a month this time... I usually feel indifferent even when I reach first place, but I’m slightly emotional right now because it was so hard. I’m thrilled because I can finally play PUBG. There were about five times when one win would land me first place, and the only thing that went through my mind was that if I won, I would finally get to play PUBG. Apparently, the last time I played the game was 6/14, exactly one month ago. 

My daily schedule begins at 10am. I only play games from 3 pm to 3am, so when I wake up I eat breakfast, take a walk, go to a cafe and stay there for about an hour. Before playing League, I would always look at my friend HyungSeop’s stream. After watching his stream for about 2 ~ 3 hours, I start playing league. 

When I play, I always hope that the enemy mid laner has a high lp. If the enemy mid has less than 500 lp, my other laners always seem to lose. My win rate is substantially higher against mid laners who have high lp. As for some examples... (looks at solo queue rankings) ‘YM zhongdan’ is fairly easy to play against. He has a lot of lp, so my other laners don’t lose as much when I face him. There are a few people that I love meeting. I usually want to meet people who are on the first page(In challenger rankings 1~50). (chat asks about kt Ucal) Ucal? No, I don’t really like facing off against him. Most of the best players deserve their lp points. The important thing is to go up against people who aren’t worth their lp. They exist. There are actually quite a lot of them. If some of them are on the enemy team, I usually win. Yaharong? He’s actually not too shabby. His Jayce is quite scary. He isn’t boosted. Who’s ‘입털지마큰일나’?(current rank 3 on the korean server, at the time of translation) 

After I reached 1000lp, I hated Kassadin the most. I wanted Kassadin to be banned. If Kass wasn’t banned and the opponent took him, I was forced to play a champion that could pressure Kassadin during the laning phase. As a person who knows all the ins and outs of Kassadin, I knew that I had to play ranged AP mids like Syndra, Orianna, Talyah, or Karma. The only champion among those that I play is Orianna. My lp being at least 1000, my jungler was almost always be worse than the enemy jungler. That lead to me being unable to put on actual pressure during the laning phase, which eventually lost me the game. Syndra is the best champion against Kassadin, but I don’t play her. If Kassadin survived the ban phase, I was forced to pick him. But if the opposing mid laner played something like Orianna, I’d have to rely on my team to win. Some people say that Kassadin’s counter is Lucian, but Lucian isn’t that scary. A Syndra that knows how to maintain the perfect distance is the scariest when playing Kassadin. Oh yeah, there was this one time that I lost to a Pantheon. After that game, I tried countering Kassadin with Pantheon, but soon found out that Pantheon was too hard to master. When I go back to China, I’ll probably practice Taliyah. 

When banning champions, the champions that I gave priority to were Twitch, and then Syndra. After that, maybe Zac? After climbing a certain amount, I stopped banning Twitch because there weren’t any Twitch users and started banning Syndra. If both Syndra and Kassadin were banned, I played Twisted Fate. That’s why Twisted Fate has the highest win-rate among the champions that I played. I hoped that both Kassadin and Syndra would be banned so that I could play Twisted Fate or Orianna in peace. They are both champions that are pretty good when your team is subpar. 

In the past, I played Twisted Fate because it was a powerful champion. These days, I play Twisted Fate because my level of understanding is different from others. Watching other people play Twisted Fate, I feel that my understanding of the champion is deeper. 

From here on, dopa answers chat’s questions 

Fiora? Fiora is unusable after the nerf. 

Using Gangplank to counter Kassadin? Gangplank used to counter Kassadin before Doran’s Shield was reworked, but he no longer has the ability to pressure Kassadin. 

Pawn? I don’t think I’ve ever met him in solo queue. Is he ‘사랑시종젊은’? That person played a strong Leblanc. ‘zztai’? Isn’t that person a top laner? 

Orianna’s counter? Orianna doesn’t have a counter. There are no champions that can defeat Orianna in the mid lane. Taliyah may have the advantage before the first recall, but only until Orianna buys Lost Chapter. 

Tempt(pro mid player, on team BBQ)? Yeah, he has a lot of lp. He’s not someone that I dislike meeting, but he’s not unskilled either. 

Viktor? Viktor is trash in the current meta. 

Corki? I don’t really understand why people use that Champion. Mid Corki used to be extremely powerful, but Corki isn’t as strong as he used to be. I tried playing him, but I still don’t understand why Corki is so popular. My brain remembers the super strong Corki, so it feels weird playing this weaker one. Corki’s Q and ult used to be enough to kill the ranged minions when he hit level 6, which gave Corki the advantage when pushing lanes. A few pokes with Corki’s ult made the enemy mid laner unable to farm, but nowadays ult pokes are useless. His ult is just too weak. Corki’s laning phase got weaker because of the item change too. 

I didn’t watch Rift Rivals. I heard that people were offended because the Korean teams lost, but I don’t understand it. It’s not an important competition anyways. Samsung and SKT were going to decide who would be first place in LCK right after Rift Rivals, so it’s only natural that they would hide their picks. The fans may be angry, but the teams don’t care. Going to worlds 1 time is far more important than Winning Rift Rivals 10 times from the team’s perspective. It’s not like SKT is no longer the best team in the world. No matter how bad they may look, they’re still the best team in the world until another team beats them in Worlds. People are also angry that the pros didn’t try their hardest, but I don’t think that’s even possible. Teams like those take League much more seriously than you would think. If the Korean teams lost, it just means that the Chinese teams happened to be better. It may look like they didn’t try their best on the outside, but that’s just impossible. Even silvers and golds take League seriously, do you think that pros don’t? 

LPL no.1! Did I say something? LOL 

I bought a new headset to play PUBG last month. I thought it would only take about two weeks, but it took me too long to reach first place on the Korean Server. I only play until 3 am, and even if I lose I stop playing and try to go to sleep. When 1 win would have made me first place and I lost the game, I just couldn’t forget about it. I kept on thinking about how I could have been playing Battlegrounds, about how I could have been shooting people in the head. I kept on thinking how I could have been sniping people. It’s important to go to sleep early, but thoughts of PUBG filled my head for 20 to 30 minutes. 

To end my stream, I’ll tell you guys about some amazing songs. If you type ‘jfla’ on Youtube, you’ll find a channel. Her songs help cleanse the body and the mind. 


I hated matching up against faker because he had too much skill compared to his lp. I also hated Syndra, Taliyah, and Orianna when they were played by low elo players, because my team would be so much worse than theirs while I wouldn’t be able to dominate mid lane. The current meta isn’t an ADC meta, it’s just that Caitlyn is overpowered. It took me an entire month to reach first place, and I wanted to play Battlegrounds the whole time. Three weeks are usually enough, so it was fortunate that my schedule was free. I banned Twitch, and Syndra after my lp was high enough. After reaching 1000lp, I especially hated Kassadin and hoped that Kassadin was banned so that I could play TF. I played from 3pm to 3am every day. Don’t talk to your teammates in solo queue. I kept on wanting to meet enemies whose skill didn’t match up to their lp. After that, Dopa answers chat’s questions.

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